I grew up with the romantic experience of quiet woods and clear lakes at Mecklenburg-Vorpommern's countryside, which is located between Berlin and the Baltic Sea. After I studied art history and culture, life took me around for more than 20 years - for example to Vienna, Saint Petersburg and Amsterdam.  For instance I served a Spa-Hotel-Guide as a tester in Austria and Germany for a couple of years. It goes without saying that while doing that job, I was able to enjoy all sorts of pleasurable, relaxing, and curing treatments.Yet, only the ayurvedic once touched me deeply, in a holistic and persistent way. The wish grew within me to learn this ancient techniques, and the studies at the European Academy of Ayurveda in 2008 became one of the best experiences of my life.

Since 2009, I am practicing this wonderful art of touching and am looking forward to treating and assisting you.


the urban touch
Heike Urban
Nöthnitzer Str. 34
01187 Dresden


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