Here you can find more detailed information about my massages. Just listen to your inner voice while reading and make a first choice - I’ll be happy to give you some personal advice basing on that.

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Back Massage - Pristhabhyanga

A gentle, yet thorough, highly effective back treatment that reaches up to the finger tips.  
Special high grade herbal oils help to relax back and shoulder tension, nourish the spine, release blockages and relieve pain.
Recommended to relieve general tension and acute or chronic back discomfort.

Time frame:
about 75 min. incl. introductory talk, resting and tea afterwards
Fee: 50 €

the urban touch

The classic Full Body Massage with lots
of warm oil - Abhyanga

Enjoy this special way of soothing and effective attention to your body - down to the tips of your toes.
Mainly long and soft movements lead to deep relaxation and regeneration with a detoxifying and toning effect
on your body to support your circulation and cell renewal.
Recommended for harmonization, comprehensive strengthening and general revitalization.

(Men cannot book this as an initial/first treatment).

Time frame:
between 120 and 180 min. incl. introductory talk, resting,
shower and tea afterwardsFee: between 70 and 85 €

the urban touch

Energetic Full Body
Massage - Kalari

Using a little less oil, rather dynamic and powerful movements across the entire body are typical for this massage,
which goes back to the wisdom of the ancient South Indian warriors.
It stimulates the vital points and energy flow, dissolves blockages and activates the self-healing system.
Recommended to raise your energy-level before and within stressful situations, is good for active athletes and to become acquainted with the method as such.

Time frame:
about 75 min. incl. introductory talk,
shower and tea afterwardsFee: 55 €

the urban touch

Facial Massage - Mukabhyanga

This very concentrated face, head, neck and upper body massage is good for relaxation, skin care and rejuvenation.
Selected facial oils have a smoothing, regenerating and soothing effect to the skin.
The scalp, neck and upper body shall be relaxed and revitalized.
A short Shirodhara (gently pouring warm oil over the forehead) will help to clear and calm your senses even more – if you like.
Recommended for headaches, nervousness, stress and sleep disturbances.Note: This is not a classical cosmetic treatment!

Time frame:
about 75 min. incl. introductory talk,
shower and tea afterwardsFee: 50 € / 55 € with short Shirodhara

the urban touch

Foot Massage –

Similar to the classic reflexology, this massage has a holistic effect on the entire body, activates the internal organs and improves the eyesight.
It starts with a brief head massage, to open the subtle connections and to soothe the senses.

The feet will be massaged and stretched very differentiated up to the knees, partially in sync with both feet.
Recommended for stress, insomnia, restlessness, poor concentration and mental exhaustion.

Time frame:
about 75 min. incl. food bath, introductory talk,
rest and tea afterwardsFee: 50 €

the urban touch

Full Body Massage
with silk gloves - Garshan

This dry massage is stimulating and balancing at the same time.
It stimulates metabolism, blood circulation and the lymphatic system.
The raw silk gloves have a comfortable soft peeling, warming and revitalizing effect, improve the complexion and promote detoxification.
Recommended for poor circulation, fatigue, lethargy and digestive problems.

Acts gently against cellulite.

Time frame:
about 60 min. incl. introductory
talk and tea afterwardsFee: 45 €

the urban touch

Peeling Massage with oil
and herbal powders - Udvartana

Due to the mixing of powders and oil, this full body massage has an intense exfoliating, peeling and stimulating effect.  
Rather quick and strong movements promote fat reduction and detoxification, improve skin texture and blood circulation.

Acts excellently against listlessness and, in the long run, against obesity, increased slag accumulation and cellulite.

Time frame:
about 90 min. incl. introductory talk, resting,
shower and tea afterwardsFee: 55 €

the urban touch

Constant Stream of Warm Oil
to the Forehead - Shirodhara

After a short full-body or foot massage, warm oil is continuously poured over the forehead for about 20 minutes.
(Depending on your constitution
it may also be possible to use herbal tea or buttermilk instead of oil.)
The central nervesystem will become strengthened and calmed, mind and senses sharpened, which will result in a state of deep yet fresh relaxation.

Recommended for mental overload, restlessness and melancholy.

Time frame:
about 120 min. incl. introductory talk, resting,
shower and tea afterwardsFee: between 80 and 100 €

Thank you Lord!
My hands are made to worship you!

Thank you Lord!
My hands are made to worship you!


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